Yoga 2 Sprout

What is yoga?
Basically, Yoga is an ancient art of staying healthy!

Hatha yoga, the most common form of yoga practiced today in the USA, consists of yoga exercises or yoga moves, conscious breathing, and mindful actions that build strength, flexibility, reduce stress, and grow healthy bodies. It works from the outside in; helping the body to strengthen and stretch while providing feedback to internal processes such as regulating heart rates and soothing fight or flight responses. This is the magic of yoga. Yoga brings a unique blend of clam, together with mental clarity and youthful energy that help you stay active and age gracefully.

Yoga for kids is a great way to start kids on a path of health, forming good habits that will last a lifetime. Emphasis is on movement, social interaction, minimizing ‘drama’, and fun.

Wanting to know more about yoga or just starting out? Everyone starts at the beginning. START TODAY!

Yoga moves and grows with you! Yoga starts where you are and leads to where you want to be. If you have a particular health concern, PLEASE check with your doctor, but strength, stamina, flexibility, all grow naturally as you continue to practice yoga.

Restorative postures, meditation, visualization, and mantra can also added to a yoga practice to increase health benefits, and expand awareness.

Sprouting body:

strength, flexibility, body awareness, coordination, balance, & self-control.

Sprouting mind:

memory, focus, & clarity; boosts creativity & higher thinking; calms fears, doubts, & anxieties.

Sprouting heart:

grows confidence, respect, intention, self-expression, and mindful actions, which build self-esteem and healthy relationships.